Sway: Top LinkedIn Profile Tips [FREE 30-PAGE E-BOOK!]

Keep-LinkedIn-Beautiful-Social-Selling-900x600Your customers, colleagues and future employers are all on LinkedIn. Being there is important, but having a social media presence isn’t enough. If your LinkedIn profile feels empty, or if it’s conveying a message which conflicts with your personal/professional brand, then you’re inadvertently placing dead weight on your career’s progress. Just as you want every other aspect of your presence to signal to your clients that you can serve them as a valuable resource, your LinkedIn profile must also convey the same overall message.
That’s why I wrote Sway: Crafting a LinkedIn Profile to Fuel a Thriving Professional Network. Whether you’re hoping to connect upwards to land a better job or reach out to future clients, this book has been written to help you design a LinkedIn profile which serves as a powerful invitation to connect and collaborate.

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